Discovering your identity is a momentous time for any young adult. Whilst some will go about finding it during their teen years with a supportive family surrounding them, others have to wait til their early twenties to embark on broader horizons and discover pockets of life they never knew existed. That is what Blue Mena’s (Mena Sachdev) spellbinding debut is all about. Rather than masquerade as a false character that would slot into the background of any clichéd self-discovery movie, they tell you to throw out that erroneous life and embrace your true self. Whilst most tracks that focus on this ideology often enter a cheesy territory (see This is Me from The Greatest Showman), Knocked Out remains grounded in a humble realism that makes the artistic lyrics regarding the queer experience pack an almighty punch. This is matched by Sachedv’s avant-garde vocal delivery, carrying an ethereal majesty that contrasts the dystopian styled production.

The sonic realm they’ve crafted is a true marvel that’s only elevated further by the nostalgic visuals from Clare Severinghaus and Madeleine Olson. The hypnotic portrayal of this track might hit a little close to home for many. Showing the idea of conforming to a lifestyle that’s not your own through the use of spine-chilling movements and synchronised performances was a stroke of genius. You feel the fear, but also a sense of joy coming from the self-expressive lyrics that encourage your individualistic freedom to be yourself. A miraculous treat for the ears and eyes.