Photo: Instagram

BNXN, formerly known as Buju, blessed us with his first single of 2022, titled ‘For Days’. The three-minute track embodies the mellow production of Sake Pase, allowing the chubby Nigerian superstar to shoot his shot with ease. Quite like his last drop ‘Italy’ with the KwaZulu Natal lovable musical rascals, Blaq Diamond, ‘For Days’ is an easy listen and perfect for cruising into the horizon. BNXN couples the single with a ‘laid back’ music video. This texture of visuals was made popular during the pandemic when even major artists finally realised that they didn’t need to have a humongous production to score an enjoyable reel. Clad in a Calvin Klein jumper, the singer takes us through his day’s routine—from the scorching lights of a photo session to hanging out with his beautiful partner, then the spotlights of nightlife. It all felt natural and relatable. Thank you, Erik Saevi!