With a luscious vocal tone that instantaneously pulls you into the sonic landscape she’s crafted and a melancholia inducing ambience from the production, courtesy of Jake Gibbo, Bonnie Grace is ready to make her mark on the UK’s music scene. Having released two tracks previously we see a significant shift in come down, going from her minimalistic lo-fi soundscape, reminiscent of ambient music you play to calm yourself and relax your body, to a brooding world that will leave you hypnotised. Her vocal shines like the stars in the night sky, dazzling with her evocative output that pierces us with her emotional prowess all before we begin to truly admire her poetic lyrical stylings. Whilst the majority of her wording is blunt as can be, it’s the way she phrases it and melts into the production that allows her artistry to truly come through and leave my quite astonished.

If you’re into dark piece of alternative pop and want an artist that you can claim you found before anyone else, then hop onto Bonnie Grace. She’s got that spark that makes her music truly pop and stand out.