Ignoring the traditional structure of contemporary pop music and instead venturing into a new expansive sound that explores the experiences of the queer mind, Boychik is a breath of fresh air in this music space. Filled with drama and a sense of theatricality reminiscent of David Bowie, their debut Dust After Rest is a triumph that is one half expressive exploration on the mind during an existential crisis and one half avant garde art piece that would belong at the Tate Modern. With deep, poignant vocals shining dazzling you with the amount of emotional depth they offer, you’ll easily become hooked after one word is uttered from their mouth. The lyrics are pure poetry, feeling like a monologue during the opening of a play we get to bare witness to an incredible journey through the use and spellbinding production. Going from a restricted opener to a cautious middle ground to the grand finale where everything is set free in a glorious storm of euphoric emotions. The visuals match up to this perfectly too, making this a delectable treat for both the eyes and ears.

It’s complex, it’s inviting, it’s unique, it’s everything that music should be and I find myself consistently fascinated by this artist. The more I go back and watch this music video, the more little nuances I find that leave me flabbergasted and in awe.