Ever been so stoked to get into something new? You go zero to 100 real quick, balls to the absolute wall! Until you reach the panic of realizing that maybe what you’re doing isn’t making that much of a difference so you switch to something new in search of substance? Well Imposter Syndrome’s new favorite theme song is real with Braden Bales’ new single “Chronically Cautious”

Feelings felt with every word in any stage of your life as an optimist who’s cynical (that’s f*cking miserable), Braden calls out the world (and himself) of instant gratification and results causing nothing but overload serial stressors and swimming in circles. Dreams & futures can be passionate but fickle. You begin to really question if what you’re doing is what you want enough to keep pursuing or feeling the need to think “How can I get off this?”. I personally love the second verse as it represents today’s growing creatives rabbit hole of the source of serotonin is only digital ‘cause my reality’s fading,I guess it’s typical . Furthermore, the calculated guitar picking felt in the build-up of verses to the punchy declaration chorus can be felt as a type of stressed out release. 

Everyone strives to see results to the point where you start working on eggshells and simply start being Chronically Cautious to where no work is released in fear of it not doing well. However for all my future artists and creatives out there your work deserves to be seen, heard, and celebrated because I guarantee you are not the only one swerving in silence in the search of a home. I needed this track. I love this track and I know you’ll love it too.