If you’re a fan of the feel good sound of Vance Joy or the insightful lyrics of The Lumineers, then the Canadian indie-folk artist Braden Lam is someone you need to check out. Lam’s music is a snapshot of individual moments throughout life that often stay with us like a tattoo on our skin, fading away overtime but the jubilance or melancholia surrounding them always stays with us. Whether it be his heartfelt ballads or upbeat joyous affairs he always makes you relate it back to a time in your life. His lyrics are poignant but don’t dive into the detail of it all, allowing us to paint ourselves into the story and relive parts of our lives we thought we’d forgotten.

Today he offers us a time capsule that contains fragments of the best summer of our lives. Don’t let go is about the strength of love, how years later we can stumble across an old sweatshirt, hear a song or look at a certain place and get vivid recollection of the joy they brought us. It’s a bittersweet feeling captured by the rustic guitar strings and emphatic drums, taking us back to these now nostalgia filled moments with a sense of sad happiness. The lyrics transport us back to this time, finding our past selves in this moment and wanting nothing more than to go back to it.