December 21st, 2021 was the last time we got music from Brent de la Cruz; clocking in over a year since its release. As a fan of an artist it can be hard to justify longer periods with no music, but this time around, it was well worth the wait. Historically, Brent has never been one to box himself into one genre, his latest EP Finding Boo being a prime example. With his new single Alone, he continues the same trend.

This time around he delivers an ethereal track that reflects on the people who have come and gone in his life, for better and for worse. Brent said this about the song, “Sometimes we stray away from the very things and people that’ve made us who we are; for better or for worse, in order to find who we think we should be. Exploring the depths of these emotions can often lead us to dark places, and sometimes it’s best not to give them power – but they usually end up making great stories.” He shares this message through painting visuals of being bombarded by a metaphorical weapon, claiming he can’t handle its firepower.

Along with this, Brent is coming off of scoring the title track for Planet Sex, which is a BBC/Hulu show that is produced in full by the multi-talented Cara Delevigne and Fremantle. While he may have been silent most of 2022, we can surely expect to see more from Brent with the return of this single, which is already something to be thankful for in 2023.