The new project will run a series of programmed events in an exhibition during the Summer of 2022 with the main objective aimed at educating and showcasing different Black culture narratives and designs that contributed to the foundation within society from 1975 to now.

The fashion industry currently lacks a resource of vital Black British contributions from a cultural, design and socio-political perspective, having erased many important historical narratives, the BFC said in a statement. The cost of neglecting these stories is detrimental to the industry as a whole. Going forward, design knowledge and history must be taught with an appreciation and awareness of the cultural contributions of all races to the fabric of British society.

The project was inspired by designer Joe Casely-Hayford and will honor his legacy after paving the way for Black designers working in the UK today.

Black fashion contributions are at the core of Britain’s reputation as a creative hub yet continue to be overlooked. We are extremely excited to work with BOLD on this project which aims at restoring and acknowledging cultural contributions to one of the UK’s most creative industries, said The British Fashion Council CEO, Caroline Rush.