Photo: Instagram

Today, Brooklyn-based band Gustaf shared the Araque Blanco direction for the five-piece outfit’s new track ‘The Motions’ from their forthcoming debut album: Audio Drag for Ego Slobs.

Lighthearted and comedic in their delivery, Gustaf relies on their unique storytelling to connect with their growing fanbase. A woman drives another woman to a grassy destination to meet two people in the opening scene. Eventually, the foursome walks to the trunk of the white car, and things get weird. There’s something (or someone) waiting for its freedom.

As self-described, Gustaf finds inspiration in “the rhythmic grooves of ESG, the dopey drawl of Jonathan Richman, and manic energy of The Fall.” I haven’t had the opportunity to watch them live yet. Still, I’ve read they’re quick on their feet, constantly in flux, and obsessively catered to the people in the room, resulting in a sound that is passionate, androgynous, and infectiously danceable. Isn’t that a musical group you’d want to support?

Check out the red-themed visual for their new track, ‘The Motions’. Their first album, ‘Audio Drag for Ego Slobs’, comes out October 1 through Royal Mountain Records. Watch the new video below.