One of the main tropes of most coming of age movies is the journal. That little book where our main character will write down all their deepest fears, the dark things they’ve done to their friends, their dreams and their heartache from the drama that comes with being a teenager. It’s a recurring theme that seems near impossible to make fresh again, but then Buppy. comes along and turns that journal into a sonic diary of his adolescent escapades. Moving to Hollywood at 16 to pursue his dreams, the young artist has lived every A24 coming of age movie during his time in the city of dreams which lead to a debut EP that every major production company is going to be fighting to turn into a blockbuster movie that becomes this generations Breakfast Club.

Cold Nights in Hollywood is a collection of stories told over two years, ranging from stories of love and anxiety to pain and loneliness, he covers it all in this EP. The title track opens the project and immediately let you know that you’re in for a mesmerising occasion, and the follow up track Down&Low does just that with an explosive electronic section that erupts like Krakatoa with hot to touch synths raining down upon us. WTDWTS with Shy High is filled with Buppy’s unmistakable charisma and vibrant personality that will make you smile from ear to ear, Drugs&Love details how he met his partner and damn is it an emotional ride that will make you feel teary eyed, luckily Another Day with Nevi arrives to let us unleash our emotions in a hazy dance affair. All of this accumulates to the grand finale, Man in the Stars. A sensational end that I’d call Buppy’s best track to date that left me simply joyous in seeing how far this young man has come in his short time as a musician.

This is a debut EP of epic proportions and I’ve got no doubt Buppy. will be a name that won’t leave my playlists for years to come.