Buppy entered 2021 with a bang and he’s leaving it with an even bigger one. Throughout the year we’ve seen him continually expand his sonic horizons and he’s delivered a plethora of heartbreaking tracks that’ve left us reaching for the tissues, as well as cheeky little bangers that get our foot tapping and body moving to the groove in no time at all. Now we get his final single of the year i retract all the love i let you keep, which is essentially a track that contains all the class of Frank Sinatra’s classic jazz styling told through a modern Mac Miller influenced lens and the result is a joy to behold. He channels his heartbreak into the lovelorn lyrics, which makes sense considering he was just going to send this to his ex-girlfriend and never planned on releasing it, wanting nothing more than to take the love he gave back after this relationship fell and shattered like a glass cup. His vocal is sublime and the jazz influenced production ties everything together as Buppy begins to fix his broken heart.

At 17 years old Buppy is ready the momentum he’s built up in 2021 into 2022 and get the world more psyched than ever to hear his music. The melancholic producer, songwriter and all around talented artist is ready to make some big moves.