“Hey hey, what’d you say / I’m a lazy fuck and I sleep all day,” is a hook that I’ve had stuck in my head for weeks on end thanks to Buppy. and his rather addictive Tik Toks. Before the track even dropped I’ve been incessantly singing it under my breath, much to annoyance of my friends, but how can you not with how damn good it is? WTDWTS is a therapy session for the artist where we become the therapist as he unloads all his issues regarding his self deprecating mindset onto us. Open and honest, you’re invited to view behind the curtain of Buppy’s mind to see all the undulating thoughts rushing around like toddlers on a sugar high and, before too long, you’ll soon find yourself joining in on the therapy session along with his collaborator Shy High. Letting all your worries go as you scream the lyrics along with them both, never bothering to care what people think or say and just letting loose for a few brief moments to get all that anxiety out in a cathartic release of effervescent emotion. Yup, this is another banger from the rising artist.

Buppy. is a rare breed of musician who doesn’t stop at any moment. He consistently releases music that you’ll become enraptured by and slowly become carpool karaoke favourites, preferably without James Corden in the car. Top stuff from this artist and be sure to check out his entire discography when you get the chance.