The quintessentially British wordsmith BUSHROD isn’t afraid to express his feeling about his abhorrent boss. Through a flurry of relatable lyrics delivered through his charismatic flow, making it feel like friend confessing their grievances to you at a bar, we begin to see his dislike for his mundane office in Overtime that sees him question whether his dreams of becoming a musician would ever become a reality. His razor sharp wit is on full display here as you begin to project yourself onto his introspective lyrics, fully understanding his frustrations as he loses his job in the middle of a pandemic despite all the overtime he’s done to keep the company afloat. Showing that no matter what company you work for, even when you’re doing all you can to help, they’ll drop you like a hat. All whilst his radiant production of compelling mid-tempo funk driven basslines, early 90’s hip hop beats with an indie pop hook plays on.

Safe to say that BUSHROD’s story is something we can all find ourselves in, but more importantly he is a beacon of hope. Throughout life we’ll have things thrown in our face, like losing a job, that will catch us completely by surprise and leave us questioning what’s next and whether we’ll be able to survive this turbulent patch. Losing his job might’ve been the best damn thing to happen to him and it could easily be the same for others out there. He’s the definition of keep surviving and keep thriving.