The flute and hip hop have always had a harmonious relationship. From the early days with the Beastie Boys using the instrument on Flute Loop that was utterly hypnotic and would leave people widening their eyes in disbelief, to the modern era Future using a sublime flute sample through Mask Off. The flute is a stellar instrument for any hip hop track, when done correctly, and damn has BXKS smashed it out of the park with her latest drop. Seriously the track might be called Collateral Damage but the only thing she’s damaging is my mind because it’s been blown by what she’s produced today.

The instrumental are wondrous with the flute and drill styled drums juxtaposing each other in glorious fashion. Her flow is outstanding, weaving in and out of the beats like a slalom skier and maintaining a consistent level of charisma that makes every lyric she delivers pack an almighty punch. Speaking of which, the lyrics here are pure fire as she deliver gem after gem in rapid fire succession, only to end on the perfect lyric that will have you coming back for more time and time again. Stellar stuff from a UK artist who’s on the rise and ready to take over the rap game.