What appears to be an upbeat alternative track with a feel-good sound and essence holds a deeper message within. Artist C-DOT 416‘s latest release “Getaway” captures the all too familiar scenario of finding distractions and peace from overbearing thoughts. Lyrics “wind in my hair, but there’s death on my mind” summarise the overarching message found within this track.

C-DOT is no stranger to losses and had never imagined how many people would come and go throughout his career. Dealing with both a number of personal losses from suicide and the passing of his beloved mother at a pivotal point of his career there is only so much positivity one can write about. 

Throughout the track, we hear the story of someone reflecting and painting images of positive memories while striving to embody a carefree lifestyle. Indulging in distracting moments such as intimate relationships and a high-speed drive where everything seems to melt away into the wind and world. His music tends to put exactly what you’re feeling into words which can be the ultimate comfort for listeners.

C-DOT’s entire catalog is full of amazing tracks and he is truly a light in an ever-darkening world. Now reaching one of the prime moments of his career while being in an environment where so many won’t be beside him, he’s found ways to amount to new limits and levels of success.