Last night (June 27), Bronx-bred pop culture icon Cardi B explained why her forthcoming record ‘Hot Shit’ with Ye—formerly known as Kanye West—and Lil Durk almost didn’t come out.

I wanted to cancel my release for this week because shit is not being executed how it’s supposed to. I haven’t dropped a single, for like what, almost a year and three months. I feel like my last single was like last February—but then I’m like—’You know what? It’s too drastic’, she shared on Instagram Live.

According to Cardi B, the song is more than three years and older than her collaboration with Megan thee Stallion: WAP.

As we wait for the collaboration featuring the two Chicago-native legends and one of Rap’s most-talked-about and most-hated figures, let’s look at the official cover art below. The land of Twitter claims the inspiration behind Cardi B’s cover for ‘Hot Shit’ comes from the original Queen B, New York City’s living legend and style icon, Lil Kim.

Photo: Instagram

We love to see it.