Cassidi’s latest single “stupid” is kicking off the sad girl fall vibes with a gentle guitar tune that radiates the essence of raw emotion. Stand out heart piercing lyrics “deep down I still knew / that holding on to you / was so stupid to do”. This single captures the feeling of reflecting on to past love interests that in your heart you now know could never have worked out, but at the time seemed like the only thing in the world. 

This track is for the nights when you throw on a sad playlist even though you know it’s just going to make you feel everything even more. Cassidi’s personal experience with relationships early-on has been channeled into this single in order to bring her audience a sense of comfort. To let you know you’re not alone in situations that seem shameful, embarrassing, or upsetting makes everything feel just a little bit better, this is her goal with much of her music. 

The production of the track is truly beautiful and enough to bring a tear to your eye on it’s own. It’s paired so perfectly with this ever so familiar heartbreaking story told through the perfect collection of lyrical content. Alluding to the tracks title, it captures the feeling of being perceived as “stupid” for the vulnerability and hope that one person may have in a relationship regardless of the way their partner was treating them.  

Cassidi has been making music for a few years now and recently found herself surrounded by a loving and loyal fan base from 2020 and now carrying on into 2022. She has such an amazing talent of finding the perfect elements of production, writing effortless lyrics, and bringing it all together with her wonderfully soft yet versatile voice. Dive into her whole catalog of sad indie bops and fill your feels playlist in time for fall.