22-year-old Charlie Oriain pulls heart strings on his latest track ‘Getting Over You’. This perfect heartbreak melody encompasses the feeling of watching your once love moving on with someone else. A track that expresses the absolution of finally moving on. 

This new song from Charlie offers an introspective yet euphonious insight into the realities of accepting that a new chapter has started. “And I don’t know how it’s supposed to go, kinda sad I’m happier when you’re alone” Charlie conveys that he is not overly fond of the idea that his past love is moving on. Carried with gentle cords and solemn vocals, Oriain knows how to perfectly illustrate feelings of woe. Simple songwriting goes a long way when the overall track is packed with emotional strings and tear-jerkingly beautiful vocals. 

The fact that charlie can so effortlessly vocalise the tender feelings associated with love and heartache, is a true testament to his songwriting abilities. Always able to construct a piece that is so confessional, Charlie evidently keeps his listeners engaged. 

Compared in the past to pop-folk icons such as Nick Wilson and Alexander23; Charlie’s melancholic artistic persona continues to floor anyone who has the pleasure of hearing one of his tracks. Charlie Oriain continues to be the perfect musician to lay down and have a cry too.