This isn’t the first time the Connecticut based band Cheem have graced this page and it certainly won’t be the last as this quintet are one of the biggest hidden gems out in the music world right now. Their genre bending sound of bombastic beats that feel like they’ve come straight from a Kanye record during his Yeezus era, pop punk vocal stylings that belong in a 90’s coming of age movie, a slick rap flow and ever changing soundscape that makes them truly genre less is truly unforgettable. They’re a one of a kind band that are always adapting to whatever sound they want to create and the more they release the more exciting they become.

Whilst their previous tracks ranged from indie dance to alternative country and in Skate Shoes they’ve taken the rebellious spirit of the pop punk during the 90’s as well as the golden era of hip hop and fused them together in a gloriously nostalgia ladened sound. It’s a jubilant track filled with character and witty lyricisms that makes it hard not to smile from ear to ear as the piece begins to play and when you combine that with the vibrant and gleeful music video then you’ve got a home-run in all departments.