When’s the last time you’ve heard R&B albums as vulnerable, edgy, and as potent as what Ann Marie’s been giving us?

Photo: Instagram

This past Friday, the Chicago artist Ann Marie released a new album called ‘Hate Love’ that effortlessly emits many deep emotions and intimate experiences. Describing her expectancies from her partner and insecurities, Ann Marie lends her partner the ‘Blueprint’ to her heart, so he knows how to co-exist with her as she says she is broken and damaged. She sings about not getting what she gives in return on the title track and giving her heart a break from heartbreak. ‘Real’ and ‘I Need’ lists all of the things she needs to keep her. ‘Nights Like This’ asks all of the questions most of us ask when confronting our significant others, and the following record, ‘Should’ve Cheated’, is how some of us feel we should have been operating in the first place.

In December 2020, the news about Ann Marie allegedly shooting her friend Jonathan Wright in the head made headlines, and the budding Chicago singer-songwriter seemed to disappear. Almost a year later, we have the well-produced album ‘Hate Love’ that seems to borrow melodies and cadences from classic Usher (‘Yo Body’, ‘Favorite Love Song’) and Ashanti songs (‘Hate Love’).

Stream the thirteen-track album featuring guest appearances from fellow artists Tink (produced by Hitmaka) and Yung Bleu below.