Chances are you know Chloe George from her mega-viral rendition of Kanye West’s underrated track Ghost Town, since then however she’s become one of the most sought after songwriters in the game. Since graduating from college only a year ago she’s penned songs for Normani, Blackpink, Dua Lipa, The Chainsmokers and a plethora more who’ve sung her praises and gushing over her talent. Although she became known through a cover, since then she’s been putting her voice front and centre through a flurry of singles that’ve captured her essence as an artist, as well as showcasing her phenomenal songwriting talent. Need proof? Then it’s time to dive into the rhythmic pop song with an emotive heart Runaway Blue.

It makes sense with the title of the track that there would be a thriving drum that propels the piece forward at break neck speed, whilst also containing heartache inducing lyrics that portray her individual melancholia in breathtaking beauty. Her voice is both light as a feather, with her delicate delivery, and powerful with her conviction that makes every word she utters pierce through your heart like a dagger. It’s a tightrope walk, balancing tender emotion with a big production to produce a track that breaks the rules of pop whilst giving a subtle nod to the predecessors that came before her. All of this is only elevated when you include a video directed by Haoyan of America that perfectly reflects the essence of this track.

“Runaway Blue’ is a song that came to me in two different parts. I wrote the first part (Runaway) at a time where I felt like I was only interested in connecting with people who were emotionally distant—almost as a way to outrun my fear of commitment (fun!). And the second part (Blue) came to me months later when I had felt this defence mechanism slowly fade away, and it scared the shit of me.”