Being an amalgamation of Bon Iver’s tenderly penned soundscape that’s as delicate as the tension of a lyre and the relatable nature of The 1975’s heartfelt ballads, Chris Lanzon is no stranger in making us teary eyed. Having found success at a young age, the wunderkind later on in life realised he’d had his autonomy taken away from him and made him question who or what he was. He entered his 20’s with this in mind and set out on a journey to discover who he truly was, using his music as a sonic tapestry to detail all the moments that helped him partially discover who he is. His identity is shown through his songwriting and his latest release was a tearjerking moment in his life.

Lanzon and Eluera portray themselves as two loves who are bittersweetly looking back at their time together as their relationship crumbles around them in June. The diaristic lyrics depict their fondness of each other, not being able to tartar with their words but instead singing their praises with melancholy timbre as they relive the moment where everything fell apart. Their cathartic words slowly intertwine as their vocals for a saudade harmony that lets the joy and sadness the relationship bares on them out, leaving you washed up in their swirling pit of vibrant emotion. It’s a mesmerising affair that’s represented perfectly by the power of this lyric, “We’re burning up like stars on the run / Beautiful but fading out.”

“I love making music that captures a feeling, and June was no exception. There’s no sugar coating in this song, it just gets straight to the heart of feeling let down. That bittersweetness of having something so great, but it doesn’t work out. Getting so close, yet so far. I think that’s a universal feeling, caring so much about something but it doesn’t work out the way you hoped it would. This song embodies that. I think in the broader context of the new EP, it’s a letter to my younger self, as I come to terms with parts of my past that I had been hiding from. It’s melancholic, but healing.”