After going multiviral for bringing a choir around countless malls and trains, the Irish-born artist Cian Ducrot has announced his arrival on the scene. It’s hard for a rising artist to become a household name through a well orchestrated publicity move, yet Cian has managed to execute his climb to the mainstream to near perfection. 

The song is lifted up by Cian’s stunning vocals, and is carried to even higher heights once the backing choir joins in performing the chorus right alongside him. ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ is an ode to the love of his life who he will wait until the end of time for, no matter what it does to him. Cian has become so set in his belief that this person is who he wants, and no matter what it takes, he will be here, and he will be waiting. He knows all too well that when the perfect person comes into your life, that you have to be vulnerable and take your chance as it comes, as this could be the only love of this caliber you will ever feel. Ducrot has delivered a ballad for the hopeless romantics on a silver platter, leaving us to wonder what he will produce next.