CIB arrived at the book end of 2021 with the gloriously explosive single Viagra, a track that easily beat off stiff competition to be one of the top debut’s of that year. Her sublime vocal intertwined with her anthemic production of booming beats and effervescent guitar riffs effortlessly, building a strong foundation for her sound to one day rise up to the heights of some of the world’s tallest sky scrapers. However what makes her stand out is her use of lyrical story telling. Her sonic musings mix the honest authenticity of classic folk music with the forwardness of pop, forming a self branded ‘gallow humour’ that allows her to openly discuss whatever topic she wishes to discuss. Sex, religion, femininity, all of this she can express effortlessly through her unfiltered ruminations that often read like diary entries. Need proof? Then dive into her sophomore single Mott St which is best described as a Tumblr teenage crisis in sonic form.

The intimate guitars instantly bring you into her headspace, seeing her anxiety expand with her adolescent growing pains becoming apparent. Her vivid lyrical imagery allows you to paint a picture of the life she’s experienced from young love and 3rd grade memories, all before she delves into the insecurities that run through her mind now. The lyric ‘I feel like I’m wasting my life’ will feel like an immediate punch to the gut for anyone in their late teens or twenties. It wraps up all the worry we experience, all the fear about what the future holds, feeling like we’ll never amount to anything, friends going their separate ways into the distance, into one bow that pierces our hearts in bittersweet fashion. All of this builds into one sweet release during the finale that can only be described as the best therapy session of all time, where all your anxieties melt away in oblivion and your purpose is right in front of you. CIB is doing wonders.