A pint, a spliff, and a dark walk in the middle of winter at 3 o’clock in the morning. Combine these three, and the sonic output is CLBRKS and KIINA’s newest collaboration, “WHERE I AM IS NOT IMPORTANT”. Serving as the premiere single off of their upcoming collaboration project titled Habits 2, the rapper/producer duo is slated to drop another well-sculpted body of work for their ever-expanding base of listeners in the coming weeks.

Originally hailing from London, CLBRKS (pronounced CL Brooks) has steadily amassed support because of his natural ability to rap, something which is delivered in a defiant, formidable fashion. The sound of his voice is something that fans instantly recognize, as CLBRKS makes use of a nasally, guttural sound that reinforces his gritty catalog of raps. The only source of approval that he’s concerned with is his own, never deferring from the path that he lays for himself. Having rapped for the better part of the last decade, CLBRKS, has shown an immense amount of artistic and personal development along the way. His discography has delved deeper inward over the years, as some of the London MCs most personal thoughts and battles have steadily been brought to the forefront of his music. This sentiment rings especially true on “WHERE I AM IS NOT IMPORTANT”, during which CLBRKS touches upon his burning desire to reach success, circumnavigate the music industry, and continue to move correctly.

Helping to set the mood here is Scottish producer KIINA, who’s dreary, ominous style of beat making routinely pulls the best version out of each rapper he collaborates with. This statement rings especially true here, as KIINA’s previous work alongside CLBRKS has proven to be extremely solid. Additionally, this track debuted with an official music video that was directed by Honey JD of LOUDHOUSE DIARIES. Equipped with visuals of CLBRKS rapping in front of closed, graffiti-coated markets late at night, this video perfectly reinforces the feelings which I described above. Give it a watch, and get yourself ready for the upcoming release of Habits 2.