As fictional alter ego’s go I cannot think of a cooler one than that of Colby Lafayette with the LA artist being the living embodiment of all the dreams we all had as kids of being these bad-ass rockstars that look and sound the part of our own rebellious nature. That’s hardly surprising though as Lafayette has already proven himself on many occasions with his multifaceted soundscape taking the Anti-Pop movement and pushing it to the next level with his signature infusion of grunge and hip hop beats giving his sound an almighty punch that hits harder than the final blow from Floyd Mayweather in a prizewinning fight. If you haven’t heard the music of this rising musician then you’re missing out.

SO BAD SO WHAT is his latest release from the Dreams Never Die label that keeps the signature gritty nature that we’ve become accustomed to with a pulsating bass rhythm mixing together with slick guitar riffs that fill the piece with undeniable character. Lafayette’s vocals strike a chord with the listener instantly as they effortlessly switch between these deep vocal riffs and glorious highs as he details nostalgic stories of his own love life during his adolescence through his graphic lyricisms. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Colby Lafayette is one of the hottest rising talents out there and is one of the trailblazers for this new generation rule-breaking musicians.