I’d akin colleen dow’s music to that of an early 90’s or even some modern day coming of age movies like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Eight Grade, Daises, heck they could even replace the song Hero by Family of the Year in Boyhood and make it an even better film. Seriously, Periwinkle is shimmering guitar pop at it’s finest with their unorthodox vocal styling adding a distinct edge to the piece that allows the piece to truly mesmerise us from start to finish. Having already had success with their band, there’s something rather special about this resurgence which becomes a breath of fresh air for this artist. Their solo work gives their musical journey a new sense of purpose. It’s like how we transfer from night to day, we see one bright ball of fire in the sky and think that’s all there is, but once night comes around we see thousands of dazzling stars that show us there’s more than what we first perceived. Yeah, their music is truly like that moment and has me listening to it on repeat ever since it came out.

Becoming their own sonic diary, colleen dow is ready to showcase what they’re truly capable of as they highly their emotional torment, expressive passion and ethereal catharsis within their sound. Sprinkling down upon us like pixie dust, Periwinkle will make you feel like you can fly before bringing you back down to earth with the juxtaposition the heartfelt lyrics offer. Gorgeous debut all around.