cool girl island, the talented independent singer-songwriter behind the singles “inside (out)” and  “forever stay never,” has now added another major release to her already impressive repertoire. The new single is called “do not disturb” (airplane mode), a perfectly chosen title matching the song’s hazy energy.

This smooth and soothing electro-R&B song is a profound, nostalgic, and melancholic number that takes listeners on a calming and pleasant flight, while lyrically reminding everyone of the importance of taking as much alone time as one needs. 

The NY-based independent artist says that “do not disturb” is all about “learning to enjoy your own company and that “click” moment that you realize “damn, I love spending time with myself.”She certainly feels at peace with herself and she manages to convey this cozy feeling and warmth to her audience. 

Home to her vivid imagination and subtle fantasy, cool girl island shared that she wrote this new track during Covid when she found herself seeking her own company and a form of harmony with her inner self. The result is absolutely stunning!