Cullen Jack ‘s music tells a story; of diverse worlds, clashing cultures, and the universal language of emotion. His foray into Tokyo’s lively piano bars might seem a stark contrast to his Oregon roots, but the musician blended them beautifully.

The challenges of transcontinental artistry are real. As Jack highlights, some feelings get lost in translation. While a phrase might evoke profound emotion in Japanese, the same might lose its essence in English. Yet, Cullen’s brilliance lies in navigating these intricacies and delivering songs that resonate universally.

His background in classical music adds layers of complexity to Jack’s compositions. Combining a symphony’s grandeur converging with modern-day lyrical poetry, Cullen creates pure sonic magic.

But it wasn’t always about music. Cullen Jack briefly stepped away from the microphone to explore the realms of law, politics, and business. While those years shaped his world-view, his heart yearned for melodies and harmonies. Today, he stands at the cusp of launching new releases that promise to be a symphony of his experiences, journeys, and dreams.

In the horizon of 2023 and 2024, Cullen Jack promises a feast for the ears and soul. He’s gearing up to unveil multiple projects, including The Tokyo Sessions, an enthralling blend of English and Japanese, teasing listeners with songs like the peppy “There For You.” 

But that’s not all – an album titled Raw is in the pipeline, promising a mix of pop and country vibes, all tied together with Jack’s iconic piano-forward style. For those who’ve been enchanted by “Snowfall,” Cullen is also producing an instrumental treat, showcasing his piano prowess. 

Check out Cullen Jack’s music below: