Pace yourself for this piano driven, bass thumping verbal swordplay provided the Da Flyy Hooligan in “Wu Baby III“. Hooli kicks off this Hip Hop banger with nothing but the rawest of energy and cadence, reminiscent of his previous work, whilst sitting alongside an evolutionary new style.

In true Hip Hop fashion the chorus is provided by DJ Evil Ed, with meticulously precise and intricate cuts from renowned Wu Tang excerpts. In verse two Hooli applies himself in a candid moment, remixing the monumental Method Man chorus to the timeless classic by Wu Tang Clan “C.R.E.A.M”. 

Coming through for an epic final verse is guest feature Dom Pachino, raising the bar with his impeccable flow and charisma. Da Flyy Hooligan has a deep passion on paying homage to the people he’s learned from throughout the years. One of his biggest influences and teachers are undoubtedly the Wu Tang Clan.