Photo: Jackie Dimailig

Regardless of how you feel about DaBaby and his antics, you can’t say he’s not consistent with dropping music. If he isn’t coming with a surprise album or EP, he’s liable to drop rapid single cuts along with the music videos—at any time.

We’re only midway through the week, and DaBaby dropped three new music videos ‘Sneaky Link Anthem’, ‘Couple Cubes of Ice’, and ‘Book It’. The first song to arrive, though, ‘Sneaky Link Anthem’, landed DaBaby in hot water on Twitter. Fans on Twitter didn’t; seem to be pleased that the DaBaby is thirty-years-old and is rapping about meeting women secretly for sex. “DaBaby 30 talm bout some ‘Sneaky Link Anthem’ i’m sick” one person tweeted after hearing the song.

DaBaby responded on his Instagram Story, sharing a clip of himself watching the ‘Sneaky Link Anthem’ video on television. The “cancel culture” of Twitter turned on DaBaby ever since his rant against the LGBTQ+ community last year at Rolling Loud.

After two days of watching fans ranting on Twitter, DaBaby decided to change the subject, dropping the island-inspired dance record, ‘Couple Cubes Of Ice’. The music video for ‘Couple Cubes of Ice’ is my favourite out of the three. The danceable, fun record has a slight Afro vibe with a nice chorus, and DaBaby killed the verses as usual.

Both ‘Sneaky Link Anthem’ and ‘Couple Cubes of Ice’ seemed to be experimental tracks as fans never really heard them styles from him. The most recent video to be released, ‘Book It’, brings what we know and love already from the DaBaby. ‘Book It’ has a bouncy production and animated flows reminding you of the old DaBaby or “Baby Jesus” form. Check out all three videos below.