Dark Bardo’s debut isn’t just a debut, it’s an open manifesto declaring their ambitions and what they stand for. It’s a statement of intent. A collaboration between producers who’ve worked alongside Bjork, Childish Gambino and John Baptiste, this duo know about creating music that yearns for change. The band came together after receiving an unusual Christmas package that included a toy revolver, a Marshal’s badge, a Dominican cigar and a esoteric book. The only hint of who it was a roughly damaged signature which looked to red Dark Bardo. They had their name, and they soon had heard their calling.

They’re here to rally people together in the name of change as they yell out ‘HOPE IS PROTEST’ from the rooftops with their partner in revolution Shungudzo by their side. With a flair for mystique, their debut Wild Thought is a carnival of energy with a passionate message hidden beneath the infectious rhythm, creating a harmonic juxtaposition. The lyrics form a united front, encouraging us all to come together for change, and when we become exhausted by the fight we rest on each other and push on, “Everything will be okay / If we keep moving this way / I got you and you got me / When you’re tired, rest on me / We are changing history today.” Include scintillating melodies and jubilant soundscape celebrating the prosperity of our enlightened future, and it’s clear to see this is something special.

Dark Bardo are just getting started. This is their opening line of their rally call, once we get to the end they’ll have woken up something inside of everyone.