Dayrick has become THE hyperpop producer in Seoul right now. The artist takes the genre and adds a retro early 90’s video game spin to it, mainly through the buoyant 8-bit styled synths reminiscent of early SEGA games, as well as a subtle hip hop undertone that gets your head bopping in no time flat. They’ve already become quite well known in the soundcloud scene, releasing a plethora of experimental singles that ranged from shoegaze and indie pop all the way too digicore and R&B, each time adding a distinct quality that made it their own. This investigational approach lead to the unorthodox sound they’ve developed today, an avant-garde brand of hyperpop that takes the best parts of all the genres they’ve ventured through to create something that’s both filled with energy and vigorous emotion. They just recently unveiled their debut Digital Island where every song offers a different perspective of their sonic identity, but their was one track that I found myself consistently coming back to.

Miracle is already packed with well known names like UnoTheActivist, Uneducated Kid and CAMO who all add a different flavour to the already varied soundscape to make the track truly genreless. The warped vocals high pitched vocals bouncing off the deep lyrical rap flows as the effervescent electronics elevate the sound to a new height, making you feel as if you’re floating on air. This is one of those completely unexpected combinations that’s resulted in a dynamic, pulsating, euphonic song that’s got ridiculously high replay value. Every time you re-listen you’ll discover something new that’ll have you clapping your hands and loving the sound even more than before.