Finding a balance between the emotional devastation of a rough break up and the enchantment of walking through a field of fireflies at midnight, DEATHRIGHT knows how to write music that finds beauty within tragedy. Having already dropped a plethora of tracks showcasing his unique takes on the hyperpop soundscape, ranging from Drum N Bass influenced bangers designed to make you dance to vibe filled affairs that make you want to kick back and relax. Today though he’s decided he wants us to experience the same unrivalled pain he’s been going through, meaning that you’re gonna want to have the tissues next to you whilst blasting this one out.

Tell me that you’re alright is hypnotically beautiful. For starters the production is superb, with the artist and bleaky capturing the melancholia of heartbreak with sniper like accuracy, all whilst managing to maintain a sense of realism that’s often forgotten about in most break up tracks. The vocals are smooth but have this hazy effect going over the top of them, making it become all the more personal and akin to a friend crying on your shoulder during a rough patch in their live. We then have demondog7 coming in at the end to lay down the groundwork for a mesmerising end and, without fail, they leave me reaching for the tissues.