Most artists search for their sound for albums after their first release, but after only four singles, Dell Mac has undoubtedly found his formula. 

The Washington DC native’s voice glides over a simple guitar riff, enabling him to unleash his pain atop of the 808’s that enter the track soon after its beginning. Continuing on past trends of his music, this single is an exploration of the trials and tribulations with love that he’s gone through, and is essentially Dell questioning why he dated this girl in the first place because the person this song is about broke his heart with no remorse. The idea is expanded upon through the use of the simile ‘falling down like some dominoes,’ and by alluding to the fact that this person brings him down in, well you guessed it, the ‘Worst Way.’ 

This is a song that will accompany you on the downward spiral while you recover from a past relationship, and will help to expel the emotions that we all get lost in during these personally trying times.