When things don’t go to plan there are two ways we can tackle the situation. One is going to our bed, wrapping ourselves in our sheets and having a mild panic attack over what just happened, and the other is, as the Salem native dev soter croons, to keep moving forward regardless of whats tried to pull you back. Having had this to happen to him on multiple occasions, soter accurately paints a picture of the scene at hand, going through the moments where is head becomes a mini hurricane of hysteria before the hazy guitar riffs propel you forward and encourage you to never stop moving. All up from here hits that sweet spot of being melancholic but also hopeful, creating a strong atmosphere that builds upon this injection of euphoria coming from the lively production as the lyrics slowly bring you back down to earth. The cherry on top of this however will always be his vocal. The distorted edge they bring with his raw tone and ability to convey emotion as if it were happening to him in that very moment is quite outstanding, making it easy to see why he has a cult like following.

If you dig this then we highly recommend become a dev soter stan today as this is only a small taste of what’s to come. With more releases planned for this year, all of which showcase his newly found sonic universe, you’re going to want front row seats to this delightful musical journey.