If you’ve stumbled across dev soter and Stefan Thev’s music then you’ll know they’re very much one and the same with out they’ve developed their name in the music world. Both artists aren’t afraid to venture out and explore new territories, grab influences from genres from across the globe and add it to their melting pot of convoluted ideas that transform into beautiful genreless creations. Despite their ideologies being so similar their sounds couldn’t be further from each other and that is what makes this collaboration we’ve been given today even better, it’s essentially them both pushing their sound further than ever before. Seriously, WASTED is completely different to anything either have dropped before.

Taking the free willing electronics of hyperpop before injecting it with the reckless abandonment of punk, this single is for the outcasts of the world. It’s for those who stay quiet, never say a commonplace phrase but end up burning brighter than fireworks exploding like shooting stars across the the nights sky. One listen and you’ll want to unleash your inner rockstar as their vocals push through the distorted soundscape, grabbing a hold of you and refusing to let go until you come on this wild adventure with them. Include lyrics you can’t help but sing-along with completely out of key, “10 Drinks In Yeah I think that I’m WASTED! Words All Slurred I Don’t think that I’ll MAKE IT,” and you’ve got the winning formula for a fire single.