20 year old left of centre pop artist Devon Again came out of the gates swinging this year, storming ahead of the competition with her magnetic personality and stunning vocal charisma that instantly made countless people mega fans of hers. However, what made me fall head over for heels for her was her ability to create such a playfully amusing sound that you can’t help but jam along but manages to juxtapose it with the tongue in cheek lyrics that tackle some more serious and slightly darker subject matters. Her debut Suburbia introduced us all to her and today Devon Again has done it again with a sophomore single Burn Down that’s bound to get tongues wagging and heads bopping. Just don’t google ‘Devon Again Burn Down’ unless you’re interested in reading countless BBC articles about the latest fire mishaps in Devon.

Her vocal oozes charisma as she vents her frustrations about her annoyances the city of L.A offers her, something many young artists will honestly relate with and probably want to join her in the nonchalant passive-aggressive attitude towards the city. The production is sassy yet fun, finding a balance between her jovial lyrical display and brooding undertone that’s the equivalent of a 200ft tightrope walk. Then you’ve got the millennial whoop of hypnotic la la la’s that you’ll be singing in the shower for weeks to come and a juicy beat that ties it all together in a neat bow. Devon Again, a pop star prodigy who’s name you’ll be hearing a lot of in the coming months and years.