Devon Gabriella is having a streak for the ages. She is chronically versatile in her artistry, and coming off the back of her sad-girl anthem of how could you? she delivers us a folk inspired track that most recently graced the cover of Spotify’s Next Gen Singer-Songwriters playlist, as well as earning a placement on the illustrious New Music Friday. 

Get clean is brought afloat by a simple acoustic melody, and is driven home with a subtle kick drum, leaving me to think that artists like Phoebe Bridgers and The Lumineers are best listed as inspirations for the track. When asked what the song is about, Devon says, “I wrote this song about my parents’ separation that took place when I was a little girl. My mom and dad are the two most special people in the word to me, but they just weren’t meant to be together romantically. I wanted to articulate some aspects of how I perceived their relationship in hopes that other people can find comfort in their own situation whatever that might be.”

Yet again, Devon manages to speak on a topic she has kept very close to her chest, and simultaneously gives a voice to what growing up with divorced parents feels like. It shines a light on the inner-workings of a relationship founded more on convenience than true love; carrying that message all the way into our playlists to help cope, and to live our lives to. With another smash hit, Devon Gabriella is showing us that she is indeed here to stay.