Dirtsa has been a regular feature on this site for some time now. The talented French musician has become a bit of a main stay with each track she’s dropped getting me more hyped for what’s to come next. Be it the enigmatic Meghan Markle that caught our attention from the second it started, or the hypnotic lyrical might of Sic Parvis Magna, she’s never failed to impress us with her music. That ongoing trend continues today with the release of Say Shit which Dirsta has explained “was inspired by my will to explore and stretch my sound further. I wanted to explore my sound but also black music in general and channel all this in a different way. In situations of injustices, I don’t think we should stay silent. When people are trying to share things with us that matters to them I don’t think we should stay silent. This song particularly deals with that and resilience to that.”

She continues to prove that the pen is mightier than the sword. Her dynamite lyrics are rifled off in rapid fire fashion, delivering multiple poignant moments regarding her lived experiences of racism and witnessing the countless events of social injustice from around the world that make an instant impact. She doesn’t dance around the subject, she goes in on it with her emphasising multiple words that make you stand back in astonishment as she’s weaved the narrative together so effortlessly. Combine that with a thumping bassline to amplify her message and it becomes clear to see, Dirtsa is here to stay.