Music and religion have always been two things which go hand in hand, whether it be celebrating, critiquing, worshipping or stirring up controversy like Madonna did with her music video for Like A Prayer, even causing the Vatican to release a statement about the video. The quintet Divino Niño are the latest band to add to this ever growing catalogue as they gleefully blend together the sacred with the profane in this hypnotic sonic and visual display that was inspired by their own experience growing up in a church, saying that, “If there was any trauma hanging from our upbringing, we were able to deal with it here.”

XO is about rebelling against the taboos set by their religion, openly throwing caution to the wind and embracing their own, unique state of mind and views of the world. A wave of nostalgia washes over you from the retro themed production and golden tinted music video, representing their trip back to their youth in the church. The tongue-in-cheek nature of the lyrics is a wonderful sight to behold, but the highlight for me is the addictive hook of the chorus. The melodies there wrap around you like a boa constrictor, refusing to let you go as the hook slithers into your head and refuses to make an exit, resulting in you singing it on the way into work and looking like a bit of idiot for doing so. Honestly I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything though.

With their album Last Spa on Earth set to come out September 23rd, I can safely say we’re in for a real treat when it drops.