Back in 2019 Djo, otherwise known as Joe Keery, dropped one of the albums of the year with Twenty Twenty. The layered emotions complimented by his psychedelic production created an oscillating world that we navigated through, exploring the different sonic trails he left scattered behind as we began to piece together the narrative bit by bit. Each track brought you closer to the conclusion, salivating at the tantalising soundscape you were experiencing and when that final track finishes, you have to go back to the start again to relive it all. He plays our heart-strings as if they were a guitar, masterfully guiding us through the ins and outs of this emotional journey. Since then we’ve been patiently waiting for the next instalment of this thrilling new chapter to arrive, and we’ll be having it this Friday when Decide finally drops.

Until then however you can enjoy the little taster that Half Life gives you. A spellbinding collage of thrilling pop hooks, late night neon filled melodies, relatable songwriting with an emotionally evocative underbelly and thriving 80’s synths, Djo brings the past into the future. The warped reality he’s concocted with the precision of a master craftsman is breathtaking, letting you understand from the offset that this isn’t going to be like his previous album. Shifting the soundscape around with no defined genre in site and taking you through every low and high possible, this single showcases what is to come this Friday.