Los Angeles-based duo Drauve share their brand new dreamy indie-pop single ‘Afraid of Driving’. The musical endeavor of Victoria Draovitch and Stephen Grzenda. The two moved to Los Angeles to wholeheartedly pursue their music career further with the decision made to share a car due to Victoria’s “freezing” when behind the wheel. Named Eileen, the Honda CRV has quite literally been the vehicle for Drauve’s growth as an act (no pun intended), taking them to and from live shows and recording sessions with producer Jeremy Rosinger (Isaac Lewis, My Favorite Color). The track’s soothing backdrop of guitars and indie-leaning drum grooves is the perfect setting for Victoria’s soft and distinct vocal tone accompanied by spacey harmonies in the chorus section. While some songs these days tend to meander for the best part of 3 minutes, this latest number from Drauve really takes you into their world and Victoria’s headspace, one focused on anxiety and the drawbacks it has on independence and self-confidence. ‘Afraid of Driving’ comes off their forthcoming sophomore EP. The project finds the duo delving into themes of autonomy and existentialism.

Directed by Francesca Sostar, the visuals for the new single find the duo driving around town in a cherry red toy car representing the fears of her inner child as well the embarrassment that comes with being a grown adult who does not drive. But Victoria if you’re reading this then remember that neither Ed Sheeran, Arianna Grande or Noel Gallagher can drive a car. That’s a pretty cool club to be part of!