Coming up with their fourth single release on July 13th’s full moon fever, dreamfone will be your next favorite alternative/indie band! Consisting of two-members: Reece Alan (lead guitarist) and Richie Arthur (lead vocalist/guitarist), talking to myself is a track that will have you reminiscing to the similarities of 1975’s 2013 single, Chocolate. Lyrics follow a story of when you constantly think about a significant ex, while also giving the interpretation that the other person left an important conversation unresolved, up in the air, and possibly never coming back to even finish said conversation. You constantly follow up with some texts to talk, but no response. You end up just talking to yourself again.

First verse starts off with a dreamy build up, revealing that the singer isn’t sure if they’ll ever hear from them again and constantly keeping an eye out in hopes to not miss their call. Pre-chorus takes on a pace with a recognizable drum and bass with lyrics pointing towards an apparent realization that the other person is leading them on, but at the same time, the singer knows they simply can’t just drop them. In the chorus, the vocals take on an echo as though you’re alone in an empty, hollow hallway. Singer mentions one’s late night feelings and questions the reason why they’re up in the second verse, concluding to a notion that the reason they’re up is because the other person is also up in the middle of the night feeling the same way.

This track had me pressing replay on car rides because although this is a reminiscent song about missing an ex, the production’s vibe in itself is deserving of a complete stereo blast while driving down the freeway at 2am. And for all my spiritual, crystal lovers out there, I think you’d nod to the clever tongue and cheek timing of the single’s drop as it was released on a full moon day. A lyrical story highlighting how a full moon can intensely bring up one’s emotions and recognizing those emotions in order to release them.