We’ve sung our praises for the San Clemente, California duo DWLLRS in the past due to their ability to create lushly textured alternative pop that embraces their hometowns sunny surf rock heritage to make something utterly charming. It’s like a summer beach movie produced by A24, that’s the best way to describe their sound with the nostalgia ladened melodies that are reminiscent of The Beach Boys, underpinning emotion that tells their own stories of heartbreak and an ending message that is filled with the hope that better days will soon come, something very useful in todays times.

Their latest release We’re All Just Falling and Flying is a simply awe-inspiring affair with the duo delivering some of their best lyrics to date. Instantly you’re brought into a mesmerising sonic world comprised of scintillating synths, lullaby-esque guitar plucking patterns and heartfelt vocals that consistently send goosebumps across my body. For a few brief moments the world seems like a better place, their music turns a cloudy day into the peak of summer and right now that’s something we all need.