If anyone remembers that summer where The Chainsmokers dominated the airwaves of the world with Paris, then you’ll probably get flashbacks to that track when listening to Dylan Matthew’s latest track. End Up Alone could take over the world overnight with the emotionally ladened production with a buoyant edge coming from the synths that will put a little smile on your face. At its core though the track focuses on a more solemn tale, one of reigniting an old flame from summer past in fear of being alone for the entire season. It’s a warm single filled with a subtle melancholia that allows you to embrace the joys the summer months can bring but also feel a touch of sadness from seeing others connect in a way which you cannot. Dylan’s vocal shine throughout with depth he brings to piece and every individual elements comes crashing together for the wondrous finale.

Dive into this addictive new single and get ready for this to probably become of the biggest tracks of the summer.