Ebony Loren steps back into the light with her new single, ‘Phone Static,’ after exploring her newfound following over the past year from TikTok virality. Paired with her generation’s addiction to social media and online lives. Loren’s beautiful heartfelt song tells the story of a girl sick of superficial connection online, who yearns for organic real-life moments. Produced and Mixed by Ethan Deetz, (from the Producer Grind team) the song has a smooth singer/songwriter Pop sound mixed with an R&B feel. Sitting at home she stares into the void on her screen, pondering how she has found herself alone instead of being out with people creating real-life memories. Her soft vocal delivery cradles the listener even though the lyrics speak of emotional longing as she tries to find a genuine relationship.

If you enjoy artists such as Umi, Bruno Major, and Raveena, then you definitely will enjoy this track. Loren’s relatable message left as evidenced by the people online begging her to drop the track, as she’s been teasing it for months to her 500,000+ followers on TikTok. Check out Ebony Loren’s new colorful single ‘Phone Static’ below.