If there’s one thing we could always use more of it’s sad girl anthems. New York City-based singer-songwriter Echo Huang has graced us with a full EP of dreamy sad girl bops. This EP “The End” follows the storyline of her breakup with every single bringing together a piece of the story. I love when an artist can produce a full body work where each track compliments the other. Not only in the lyrics but in the production as well this EP flows graciously from one track to the next! 

To start us off we have “Sad 22” this is the initial start to the feeling you get after a breakup. Echo details the feeling of hoping it’s not real, waiting for your partner to turn around and take you back. Expressing denial of the fact that the relationship has ended, wishing for things to go back to the way there. This track goes into “Happier Without Me” in which the theme is captured by the name. Seeing your ex move on and look completely fine while you’re crushed. Reminiscing all the little moments in the relationship that you can’t envision anyone else comparing to. 

The second half consists of “Omw to forget you” and “The End”, my personal favorite off the EP is “Omw to forget you”. This track is almost like convincing yourself that it’s better off without them. Repeating the chorus of / On my way to forget you / as if she’s telling herself that’s what needs to happen. To close out the project we have “The End”, this is the genuine coming to terms with the end of the relationship. Echo’s angelic voice declares / I’m finally letting you go /

Overall this EP was a joy to listen to, there is a single for you no matter what stage of a breakup you might be in. Even if you’re not mourning a relationship you can still sing along to this feminine ethereal collection of music. This is definitely Echo’s best work and I’m excited to see what comes next!