You can always rely and Eli Juggz to: 1) Produce outstandingly good pieces of electronically influenced music that will get your head bopping. 2) Have a die hard fanbase who’ll battle for him til the bitter end. 3) Bring other artists on the come up with him. Safe to say all of that is present today with the latest instalment of his ever expanding Juggpop series titled Juggpop 3, where he brings in Onlybino and Yung Fazo to offer their vocal talents as well as their impeccable versatility throughout the single.

Each artist’s vocals intertwine with another, harmonising like pros who’ve been performing on stage together since they were kids, forming euphonic feeling with the slight electronic distortion adding a characteristic flair that bounces off of the flavoursome production. On top of that there’s also a wave of authenticity that comes from their atypical brand of storytelling, being honest and forthright with their lyrics but telling it through a contemporary array of idiosyncratic wordplay. Then you’ve got the production that elevates their raw artistic talent’s further and swiftly leaves you with a undying desire for more.