Love — it doesn’t always have to play hard-to-get, does it? There are times when subtlety is key, and each text, each date becomes a test of how little you can give while still receiving commitment and affection. Needy Desperate Manic, as the title implies, is not one of those occasions. The third track off her upcoming debut album Zero , ÊMIA’s latest song is for those full-blush, can’t-hide-it moments of romance. She doesn’t just wear her heart on her sleeve; it’s the alarm clock that starts her day (“And I’m crazy from the moment I wake up”), the central reference point of her city map (“I just wanna be where you are”), the TV episode that plays rent-free and on rerun in her mind (“I hit you up when I miss you, but I miss you all the time”). If Carly Rae Jepsen were looking for an opening act to finish The Dedicated Tour with in a post-COVID-19 world, ÊMIA would make pop perfection company with synths that can burst through like horns or shimmer like a chandelier and a chorus that will have you shouting “NEEDY! DESPERATE! MANIC!” à la “Run Away with Me” by the end. But on her own, she can still sing in the [NAME REDACTED HERE], all-caps, rainbow letters of crush embarrassment and end with a wink: “Do you like that?”.